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Quality management system EN ISO 9001

The activity of our company takes place in accordance with the standards and procedures of the Quality Management System EN ISO 9001.

The system covers both the production and sales divisions, as well as the logistics division.
Product quality control is one of the main elements of our work. Production and sales reports containing a wide range of data and information on raw materials supplied to us allow us to reduce the number of non- compliant products as much as possible.
The certificate was issued by TÜV CERT - TÜV Rheinland InterCert Kft.

Quality Management Policy

We strive to achieve a lasting success of the company: meeting the expectations of customers, effective management, product quality and prevention of non-compliance.

Our main goals are:

  • reliable identification of market needs,
  • continuous improvement of products and Quality Management System,
  • ensuring the declared level of quality of products,
  • timely delivery of supplies,
  • optimization of manufacturing costs.

Achieving them is measured by customer satisfaction, sales growth and the scale of cost reduction. The implementation of our Quality Policy is facilitated by the Quality Management System applied in the Company, compliant with the ISO 9001standard, constantly improved and maintained at every level of the organization.

All employees of the Company are involved in the achievement. Responsibility for the quality rests with all employees involved in the manufacture of products.

Our certificates:

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