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MEDPROX® LINE hygienic protective liners

They are designed to ensure patient safety and comfort by maintaining and sustaining proper hygienic conditions and preventing the occurrence of perioperative infections.

They are recommended for use in:

  • hospitals,
  • in the clinics,
  • in health care facilities,
  • in the beauty parlors,
  • in nursing homes,
  • or at home.

The liners are made of one layer of hygienic tissue paper (100% cellulose) on the top side. On the underside, however, there is a durable layer of polyethylene film, which is waterproof and ensures the adhesion of the liner.

MEDPROX® LINE hygienic liners are intended for use in protection of:

  • the patient, furniture, equipment and medical apparatus against contamination resulting from the provision of services or medical procedures,
  • patient, furniture, equipment and medical apparatus against infections causing diseases resulting from the provided services or medical procedures.

They can be used inhospitals, clinics, medical facilities, including medical, dental, physiotherapeutic and rehabilitation offices, as well as in care facilities or at home when providing medical services or performing medical procedures.

They are recommended for use on: treatment chairs, gynaecological, dental, treatment cots, tables in doctor's offices, physiotherapeutic, rehabilitation offices, tables in paediatric offices and for infant examinations, etc.

Medprox line
Medprox line